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Used inventory

Below are products we have for sale from our showroom as well as authentic used casino tables and accessories.  These are also available for rent.


Blackjack tables  $600 Each

Stand up blackjack tables with 3" brass footrails.  H style legs & Half Barrel legs available.  Qty: 50


Pai Gow tables $800 Each

Sit down Pai Gow tables with legs.

Qty: 6


Craps tables #1: $5000 CAD

13' Craps table

Qty: 3

Craps table #2: 6500 CAD

15' Craps table

Qty: 1

Generic Poker Chips

Blank poker chips.  

Roulette table #1: 2000 CAD

Roulette table, 5'x9'.  Wheel not included.

Qty: 2


Roulette Wheel #1: $4500 CAD

32" diameter Roulette Wheel.  Paulson wheel. This one has some cosmetic damage. The outside rim has a decent chunk taken out of the clear coat, and there's some minor ripples in the laminate around the inside lip.

Roulette Wheel #2: 4300 CAD

32" diameter wheel.  TCS Huxley wheel. One penny sized dent on the inside top lip. The wood laminate clear coat has some blemishes, though you can't feel any texture problems.


Roulette Wheel #3: 4850 CAD

Paulson wheel: The best of the bunch.
Looks nearly perfect, no visible blemishes.  32" diameter

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