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Suited Speed Cloth Playing Surface

Choosing the right cloth for your playing surface is an important decision as it relates to the feel and look of your table. We supply a variety of cloths depending on what kind of look and feel you want for your poker table. Cloths range from ultra-soft velveteen, to slick Suited Speed Cloth. We can provide you with samples of the following materials so that you can see and feel what material and color you would like.

*Please note that all of the following color samples are scanned so the actual colors may vary.

Our second most popular choice for poker table playing surface cloth is waterproof Suited speed cloth. It looks spectacular with it’s surface covered in a suit pattern, adding to the poker atmosphere. Features a repeating Heart, Diamond, Spade, and Club pattern to them. Mini suited speed cloth is also available which has a smaller suit pattern. It is offered in colors not available in regular suited speed cloth.

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