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Choosing the right cloth for your playing surface is an important decision as it relates to the feel and look of your table. Cloths range from ultra-soft velveteen, to slick Suited Speed Cloth.   Samples are available upon request.

*Please note that all of the following color samples are scanned so the actual colors may vary.


Vinyl Rail

Vinyl is our default rail material.  It's most commonly available in black, but we also carry many different colors.  Vinyl is very durable and easy to clean.  

Suede Rail

Suede possesses the luxurious feel of fine suede, with an elegant appearance, exceptional performance and great durability at a fraction of the cost of real suede.


We also have genuine leather available.  It comes in many different colors, sheens and textures.  Please visit our Rail Materials page for a complete list of colors

Raised Rail

This option makes the table stand out from the crowd. The raised trim can be plastic,  metal or wood which can be stained to match the rest of the table or painted.

Our standard raised rails are ¾” tall but can be made any height. Rail risers can also be custom printed with a variety of designs. The maximum suggested height for a raised rail is 2.5″.

raised rail poker table with suited cutouts

Raised rail with suited cutouts

Illuminated Raised Rail

The raised rail can also be illuminated. We use low voltage and low heat producing LED strips to illuminate your table for the ultimate look. Many colors are available to choose from including lights which flash and strobe around the table. Even lights which flash along with music!

Illuminated raised rails come with a plug and adapter for a normal household outlet, or can be connected to an available 12V rechargeable battery to eliminate dangling wires.

poker table with illuminated raised rail

Illuminated raised rail


Add a racetrack to your table and make it POP! The racetrack can be stained a variety of colors, from a light pine to a dark mahogany. It’s coated with polyurathane for added protection.

We ensure that our felted playing cloth insert sits flush with the racetrack, making a completely flush playing surface unlike some tables where the playing surface is raised higher than the racetrack making it difficult to push chips and cards from the racetrack into the center.

Many other racetrack tables will have a “V” shaped groove between the felt and racetrack due to the padding. Our building methods eliminate the groove for a smooth transition from cloth to wood.

Suited speed cloth racetrack and center poker table

Suited speed cloth racetrack and center

wooden racetrack custom poker table

Wooden Racetrack

Although racetracks look great, we discourage owning a wooden racetrack table. Many people like it at first, but afterwards realize that cards are difficult to pick up on the racetrack from the lack of padding as well as the sound of chips being shuffled against bare wood can become annoying. Full felt tables are ideal for functionality.  We always recommend a custom cloth rather than a felted racetrack.


Choose from Nickel, Brass, Suited or other designs available. Please contact for more options. 

suited decorative rails

Suited decorative nails

2016-06-21 16.11.28.jpg

Star decorative nails


Folding Legs

Modern style base

2019-03-25 12.31.58.jpg

Mayo legs

30" Cast Iron Base

Round wood columns

2020-03-03 11.55.45.jpg

LaFortune legs (walnut)

10" Oak pedestal

Box legs with suits

Boomerang base.jpg

Boomerang legs

Wood Pedestal Legs

Pedestal bases are either painted or stained and coated with lacquer to protect them from wear and tear. Center columns come in sizes of 7″, 8″ & 10″. Choose 3 feet or 4. Use 2 pedestals for a large oval table or 1 for a round table. Double pedestals can be joined by a runner. Prices range based on material (oak, maple, cherry or walnut), style and size. To choose a stain color, please see the Stain Guide.

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