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Standard Table

This is our basic table designed for anyone who enjoys playing poker. This table is built from two sheets of ¾” plywood with a vinyl rail and a custom cloth. The playing cloth and vinyl come in a variety of colors to match the furniture and decor you already own. Included are folding metal legs. The playing surface and rail are padded with foam.


Dimensions, size and shape are all customized to your discretion up to a maximum size of 48″x96″ for oval tables and 48″ in diameter for round & octagon tables. The recommended width is 42″ for oval tables. Tables which are wider than 42″ aren’t recommended as it becomes difficult to reach across the table to collect cards and chips.

A table size recommendations are as follows:
-42″ x 84″ for 8 – 9 players.
-44″ x 96″ for 10 – 11 players.
-48″ diameter round for 4 - 5 players.

-52"-56" diameter round for 6- 7 players 
-56″ – 60″ diameter round for 8 – 10 players.

Tables longer than 96″ and wider than 48″ are available upon request.

standard poker table
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