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Table Topper (NO LEGS)

Table toppers are designed to sit on top of an existing table. They are built the same way as our Basic Tables just without any legs. We still build our toppers using ¾” plywood unless thinner plywood is requested. Table toppers can be built with thinner plywood as they don’t require as much structural support because they sit on top of an existing table which provides it with a solid base. Thinner plywood is sometimes preferred for table toppers to reduce the weight as it’s often moved on and off a dining table. A heavy table topper can be difficult to maneuver. A non-slip, non-abrasive material is supplied to use on the underside of the table to ensure the bottom of the poker table doesn’t scratch the table underneath.

This table topper fully covers the 36″x60″ rectangular table underneath. Made with 3/8″ thick plywood for the base which makes for a lighter table. Designed to match the existing dining room chairs.

This table topper is designed to the exact same dimensions as the dining table it sits on. Made with a ¼” thick plywood base, a ⅜” raised rail and a ⅜” plywood rail with ½” thick HD rail foam rather than the typical 1″ thick foam to maintain a low profile.


Ellipse folding table topper which folds upwards when you remove the middle rail section.  This prevents the felt from getting damaged when in storage as the felt faces inwards.

2018-12-12 12.04.23.jpg

A round 72" table topper with a Jacobean birch racetrack and Forest Green suited speed cloth felt.

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