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Wood Dining Table Cover

This popular feature converts your poker table into a regular dining table. Simply place the dining table cover on top of your poker table when you’re not playing poker in order to use it as a dining table. When it’s games night, simply remove the dining table cover to expose the poker table underneath.

Dining covers can be made in a variety of designs including oval, rectangle, rectangle with angled corners, etc. Dining table covers can be made out of Oak, Walnut, Maple or many other types of wood. All covers are made with a skirting underneath the table to hide all poker table components.  We also make solid wood dining table covers for a table that will last a lifetime.

Covers are stained and finished with lacquer to protect the wood and provide a gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish or painted with high durability, impact and chip resistant paint.  We also color match to your existing decor.

54 inch round walnut poker table
40"x80" Oval poker table
54 inch round walnut poker table with table cover
43"x 90" Solid Oak Dining Table Cover, brown/black dye finish
46 by 94 oval poker table
46" x 94" Oval Poker Table
48 by 96 oval poker table with dining table cover
48" x 96" Plywood Oval Table Dining Cover, Ebony Stain
44" x 94" Oval Poker Table
47" x 97" Solid Oak Oval Table Dining Cover.  Black dye finish.
2020-03-24 18.17.34_1024x768.jpg
45"x87" Solid walnut dining table cover over a 42"x84" oval poker table.  Natural finish.
2019-11-28 19.30.16.jpg
47" x 97" Solid Walnut Table Dining Cover stained Ebony
over a 44"x94" poker table
2019-01-04 15.24.13_1024x768.jpg
57" x 57" Octagon Walnut dining table cover
Natural finish
2019-08-19 15.37.59.jpg
47" x 112" Solid Oak Table Dining Cover
over a 44" x110" oval poker table.  Black dye finish.
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